Talent concept


         Shandong Gold Group Yantai Design and Research Engineering Co., Ltd., advocating people-oriented, human resources are the primary resource of ideas, actively building modern personnel selection and employment system,oriented to capacity and performance with innovative ability to work. Committed to creating a harmonious, happy, inspired and passionate work environment for employees, company provides a big stage for fully displaying their talents and achieving self-worth. We are trying to practice the human resource strategy for meriting personnel, relying on talent, training, motivating personnel and talent, by constantly creating opportunities for personal development, so there are all kinds of environment and opportunities for talent showing and realizing value. Through open competition ,open selection, company retain and make good use of talent. Learning and absorbing technologies and methods for human resources management to developed countries, on the basis of a rigorous job analysis and job descriptions,clearly defining responsibilities, workflow,manage permissions and qualifications,company build implement selection system capable of qualifying for the post. Within the enterprise, completely broke the "cadres" and "worker" status boundaries, creating a favorable institutional environment for the growth and development of all kinds of technical personnel.

         Actively promoting employees individuation, emancipation, personalized staff development and encouraging outstanding young talents come to the fore, company allows them to make mistakes and errors in the work, but does not tolerate mediocrity work, legalistic. Company dares to break the routine to seat,and firmly breaks the "seniority", demanding perfection of ideological restraints. Introduction of competition mechanism, company change selection and employment horizons, and broaden the selection and employment path. Adhere to an open, equitable, competitive, merit, those "reliable, have the ability to" talents to the important selection positions. Adhere to temper in practice. Convinced at "early burdens early talent," a planned and systematic opportunities for people to create chances, extending practical work experience, enhancing the ability to solve practical problems through "in their place, their politics". Meanwhile, with the establishment of a superior and eliminating the inferior, promoted or demoted, quitted or hired energetic mechanism, for "generalship helm", give full play to all kinds of talents ingenuity.
             Establishment a scientific performance management system to meet the various job characteristics, through the introduction of modern ideas and talent management system, establish a dynamic mechanism helpful improving the efficiency of human resources, and create value for individuals to achieve a quality environment, providing personal value realization career stage,the pursuit of personal progress and harmonious development of enterprises. The establishment of a opened lively cultural work, learning and living environment,for staff's personal independence, personal dignity, personal rights are fully respected. Employee can often feel the understanding, care and help from the business community, the staff to generate real identity, a sense of security and belonging of the enterprise.
             Company's emphasis on human capital investment, focus on staff training and continuing education, and enhance the ability to work for all kinds of employees; Establish compensation incentives to enhance scientific internal equity and external competitiveness of the principle, and encourage their employees to pay more attention to learning, to master modern science and technology and knowledge,to contribute to the development of the company for the realization of the Group's core values and ultimate goals.

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