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            Shandong Gold Group Yantai Design and Research Engineering Co., Ltd. is State-owned enterprises,invested by Shandong Gold Group, located in Taishan Road No. 118, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone. Company covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, and employs more than 800 people, including Design and Research Institute, Mining Equipment Plant, Trackless Equipment Factory, Overhaul Centers, Construction Company and Supervision Company,being issued of metallurgical industry engineering design qualification, engineering consulting qualification, architectural engineering design qualification, mining and construction installation qualifications, mining engineering and civil construction supervision qualification by the relevant state departments, which is set mineral processing experiment and study, engineering design consulting, equipment manufacturing, underground construction, engineering construction, installation and commissioning, project supervision in one mine integrated service enterprises.

            In recent years, company adheres to market-oriented, high-standard development direction, and actively explore the best way to restructuring and changing pattern, not only has the most complete overall solution industrial chain of metallurgical and mining engineering contracting, advanced level of design and development technologies, high standards of the industry and large-scale mining equipment manufacturing base, but also has an efficient mining equipment repair center. After years of hard work, mining equipment integrated services advantages has be reflected, business structure layout becoming more rational, effectively increasing the economic operational efficiency and quality, and achieve a rapid docking with the market, always at the forefront of the industry in the field of development.

        Company adheres to the "one-stop" service for the core, actively implement technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation strategy ,achieving mining design successful transition from colored to black, from the low-end equipment manufacturing to high-end assembly, from construction and installation supervision to providing professional and technical services to the general contractor. Relying on the Shandong Gold Group, the company provides new products development and scientific and technological achievements transformation services direction for the metallurgical and mining with forthcoming completion of the fast and efficient service center Laizhou equipment overhaul. Based on domestic, the company has clients in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country, formatting "surrounded by flowering" marketing pattern; looking abroad ,erected service cooperation projects with Russia, Niger, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Korea, South Africa and other countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

        Company gives full play the advantage of "one-stop" service of the industry. Based on Shandong Gold to national market, designing as a leader for driving the rapid development of EPC, research and development as the core for the upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry, service as the center for the upgrade mining service level, we determine to create the most competitive mining equipment manufacturing professional supplier and technical service providers to achieve leapfrog development.

                 Mine engineering company undertakes to achieve the historical mission of the equipment manufacturing industry bigger and stronger. While establishing a global vision and strategic thinking, adheres to high standards, high starting point, high demand, and actively participate in the competition and cooperation at a higher level. The company vigorously promotes the spirit of innovation, not only for employees to share the fruits of development, but also taking practical action to affect social. Company will be glad to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad, and seek common development and prosperity in harmony!

                  General Manager of engineering company with the staff invites you to exchange and cooperate with our company; we will provide you with customized products you need and improve all-round after-sales service.


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