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        Shandong Gold Group Yantai Design Research Engineering Co.,Ltd. Laboratory metallurgical founded in 1984, equipped with sound beneficiation test equipment and rock identification equipment,can be complex refractory ores experimental research. Which biological oxidation, nonmetallic purification, oxidized ore recovery, utilization and many research results have been the leading domestic level.








        Research composed of the rock and mineral identification rooms, assay, metallurgical laboratory, biological oxidation chamber four parts. Rock and mineral identification room with German imports of Lyons ore microscope (polarizer) and Japan imported Olympus binoculars, technology and equipment to lead the province level. Laboratory can be carried out identification under the microscopic slices of light (thin), and identify ore material composition, morphology and disseminated mineral feature. Assay room with oscilloscope polarograph, visible spectrophotometer, carbon and sulfur analysis instruments, can be multi-element and phase analysis etc, the level of detection in the province leading level. Metallurgical laboratory has sound processing equipment, capable of complex refractory ores study, which leading the domestic for efficient recovery and red oxidized ore, (limonite) iron ore and manganese ore sorting technology and utilization of tailings, non-metallic mineral purification. Biological oxidation laboratory as the company 90 years scientific and technological achievements, after years of breeding and domestication of biological oxidation species featuring for adaptable, fast oxidation, processes and indicators have reached the advanced level. After refractory ore bio-oxidation, the gold leaching rate of 92% -95%, 40% -70% above compared to conventional cyanidation recovery, the high-tech has been successfully applied to multi-mines, made a major breakthrough for gold mines in difficult metallurgical ore processing.







        Research established more than three decades, undertake more than 300 research projects for all kinds of gold, colored, black mine, being advertised of more than 20 the national and provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, with a number of national patents. In the mining industry for several major technology upgrades, the lab provides comprehensive technical support: Biological oxidation - cyanide gold extraction process research; development for sulfuric acid residue gold extraction process; gold recycling technology with tailings waste water; refractory gold mineral resources, gold tailings resources comprehensive utilization technologies. Research from single to multi-gold metal, nonmetal development, research projects involving gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, manganese and other metals and quartz, feldspar, firefly stone, barite, graphite and other non-metallic, projects among over thirty countries, Russia, Australia, Peru, Iran, North Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, company is unanimously praised by users.

        The main research results presentation

        1, Biological oxidation - cyanide gold extraction techniques: used in Jinchiling gold and Xinjiang Hatu with gold concentrate containing arsenic, technology and indicators have reached the leading domestic level.

        2, Gold concentrates comprehensive recycling research: Shandong Gold has been successfully applied to refineries and cyanide plant in Inner Mongolia Jin Tao, comprehensive recovery of valuable elements in concentrate, with great benefits for the enterprise.

        3, Efficient recycling of lead and zinc oxide: Successfully used in Iran lead-zinc oxide, strong processes and pharmaceutical adaptability, advanced indicators, get Iranian customers praise.

        4, Cyanide tailings (sulfur concentrate) Pyrite comprehensive recycling: Preparation of high-purity sulfur concentrate through beneficiation process to produce sulfuric acid and iron powder to achieve comprehensive utilization of resources, in order to bring considerable profits.

        5, Smelting slag recycling of valuable elements (copper slag, sulfuric acid residue): Comprehensive recovery of valuable elements such as gold and copper, iron ore output outside sales, has been applied to a number of domestic smelters.

        6, Non-metallic mineral processing and purification: Fluorite and feldspar processing technology is the leading domestic level, producing products of high quality, low impurity, welcomed by users.

        7, Development and application of non-toxic leaching agent: partially replacement of sodium cyanide, certain degree adaptability,production (or heap leaching of oxide ore) are widely used.

        8, Development and Manufacture of high-flotation reagent: for different ore types, choose efficient pharmaceutical processing, to achieve a breakthrough in the fluorite ore and oxide ore, making the concentrate grade is guaranteed, the use of more conventional flotation agent in copper oxide indicators improved 6-13%.

        9, Complex refractory sulfide ore sorting technology research (lead, zinc and molybdenum copper polymetallic ore separation study): simple process, reducing investment, ease of management, achieve good results. 

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