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        Overhaul center contract Sandvik Jumbo overhaul operations

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        Recently, Laizhou engineering company to news center: the center of equipment overhaul overhaul relies on the good brand image and reputation of credibility, talent showing itself in the competition with foreign firms, successfully finished outside the group mines Sandvik Jumbo vehicle overhaul operations.

        Overhaul center since its inception, adhere to based on the existing market, and actively seek customer groups and the new economic growth point, in the grasp of market development at the same time pay close attention to the repair quality and efficiency, quality service to win the trust of customers, has laid a solid foundation for the success of the pioneering group of external market. The two sides signed the contract, overhaul center is organizing a professional engineering and technical personnel for repair of drilling jumbo, strive for in the shortest period of production, quality and efficient completion of equipment overhaul.

        To undertake this business is the first step in the company overhaul center trackless overhaul business success to the external market, marks the company without a major overhaul horizontal rail equipment have been walking in front of the same industry. Overhaul center will take this as an opportunity, forge ahead, as the internal and external customer group to provide more high quality and convenient service.

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