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        Diesel scraper before inspection is very important

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        Diesel scraper is mainly used for underground mine, loose material with a shovel, transport after blasting, diesel LHD must do a series of tests before use, to ensure normal use diesel LHD safety, in the use of diesel scraper front need which check:

        Sealing and leakage situation in different parts of 1, check the tubing and connectors and each component

        2, check the operating mechanism, steering, braking and whether the operation is flexible, safe and reliable

        3, check the engine oil and gearbox oil level; oil, diesel oil tank and a hydraulic oil tank battery level, coolant level

        4, check the engine fan belt tightness, generator

        5, check the parts bolt and nut, especially the bolt and nut of diesel engine, gearbox, transmission shaft, driving axle, tires and other parts of the whether the loosening or fracture phenomenon

        6, check the hydraulic hose, wire shall not rely on diesel engine exhaust pipe or the drive shaft, fixed and reliable

        7, according to the provisions of beat butter, check each lubricating point whether there is damage to the nozzle

        8, check the welding parts whether open welding, fracture phenomenon, especially the welding position check on the hinged part, support, girder bridge shell

        9, check the tire pressure and tread wear

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