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        Method for prolonging the life of tube ball mill

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        The cylinder of ball mill bearing a crushing and grinding material, to prolong the life of ball mill, the protection of the ball mill cylinder is the primary condition, Jihong introduced the method of prolonging the service life of the ball mill cylinder for you:

        1, ball mill liner bolts must be very tight. When the mill is working must always check whether the loosening and breaking liner bolts. The loosening of the bolts, should be timely tightening; bolt fracture or lining shedding must immediately stop grinding processing.

        2, ball mill lining board back with the ball mill cylinder must be added a layer of lining, the lining board for ball mill close to the inner wall of the cylinder body. Wet ball mill grinding body and slurry erosion by even more, should be in the lining plate of ball mill and ball mill cylinder with a layer of wood three ply or 3 ~ 4mm thick rubber sheet gasket.

        3, if the stop grinding time is longer, should be the grinding body discharge, to prevent the ball mill cylinder due to local stress too long without deformation.

        4, ball mill liner wear serious or fault symptom, should be the timely replacement.


        Liner and grinding of ball mill lining board is mainly used to protect the cylinder free by direct impact grinding body and the friction material. The protection of the ball mill cylinder around these two points, prolong service life of the ball mill cylinder is solved.

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