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        Routine examination should pay attention to where the ball mill

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        The ball mill self inspection work includes the following:

        1, pay attention to check each screw loosening, especially breaking loose, lining plate screws, resulting in leakage of slurry; this work is best for each shift, all connection bolts fastening check ball milling unit, if found loose must stop screw.

        2, check the wear sand return the spoon head; regularly check the liner wear, grinding to a certain degree should be replaced

        3, pay attention to mill discharge coarse or spit ball.

        Secondly, the oil supply system of inspection work of ball mill:

        1, always check the oil pressure is normal, should be maintained at 1.5 ~ 2 kg/cm2.

        2, check the oil level and oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 30 DEG C.

        3, check the main shaft neck of oil flow distribution uniformity.

        4,Viscosity and cleanliness, oil

        The ball mill motor inspection work: mainly the motor temperature, the temperature rise does not exceed the permissible numerical

        Finally, the ball mill classification equipment and inspection work:

        1, check the screw grader blade is off, the rotation is stable.

        2, cyclone feed pressure is stable, whether there is leakage or blockage phenomenon of grinding.

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