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        Group deputy general manager Hou Chengqiao come to engineering company to guide the work

        Number of visits: Date:2014-11-04
        Recently, to inspect and guide the work group deputy general manager Hou Chengqiao to engineering company.

        Hou Chengqiao and his party first in-depth workshops of the scene, then heard about this year working report engineering company, to develop, the company in the market overhaul business development, should do the accounts receivable collection and other aspects of the fully affirmed the work.

        For the next step, Hou Chengqiao pointed out: in the face of the grim situation, one is to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, the measures put in place, deal with the current difficult situation; two is to accelerate the innovation of business mode, promote the process of the overhaul, service system, and actively expand the service areas for the mine; three is to strengthen the account receivable payment collection, in mining Ag coordination and mines for support, the development of incentive measures, strengthen creditor's collection efforts, to ease the tense capital problem.

        Group company general manager assistant, mining group company vice chairman, general manager, party secretary Wang Lijun, group operations management department is responsible for the people and mining industry company departments responsible person accompanying check.

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