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        China enterprise plans to restart in Uganda copper mine

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        Project manager said, Shanghai Baosteel Group and other China enterprises next year plans to restart the Uganda area kilembe (Kilembe) copper, when the copper closed for more than thirty years.

        Alex yesterday to accept an interview in the capital Kampala said, restart the program will start with 2015 at the end of the "small scale mining", after rehabilitation work completed in 2016, will increase the range of mining. Alex provides no output target.

        He said: "we will repair the underground mine. We expect to submit the feasibility study report to the government in the next year, then began a large-scale mining in 2016."

        Uganda's Ministry of Finance said, after promising to invest $175000000 to upgrade the operating, China Tibet Chashma Group Industry Co., etc. Chinese enterprise to obtain the development contract in 2013 July in Uganda copper mine. Participation in other companies in the project include Chinalco Luoyang copper, Yunnan copper industry Limited by Share Ltd and Dongfang Electric (14.50, 0, 0%) Limited by Share Ltd.

        These Chinese kilembe copper enterprises will build a production capacity of 3030 tons / day of the processing factory, the copper containing six mineral deposits.

        Copper reserves

        According to the mining Ministry of Uganda website, kilembe copper mine was founded in 1950, belongs to the East African countries. In 1970, the peak of the copper output hit 1000000 tons / year, and smelting plant in 1964 produced 18000 tons of copper. The porphyry copper deposit is located in the west of Uganda, close to the Africa's largest copper producers - the Democratic Republic of Congo border. Since 1982, the mine has been in care and maintenance.

        Alex said that the mine is estimated to be 6000000 tons of copper reserves. Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni said in June 5th that Uganda found 9000000 tons of ore in kilembe copper mine.

        He said that as part of the investment agreement, Chinese enterprises will be at kilembe copper build a power of 17000000 watts of hydropower plant.

        Uganda oil field is estimated to contain 1400000000 barrels of recoverable oil, China National Offshore Oil Corporation have the right to participate in the development of the oilfield. Uganda finance minister Maria said in an interview last month, Uganda's mineral resources may be more valuable than its oil resources.

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