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        Significance of concentrator tailings dry

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        Ore dressing plants entering through crushing, grinding and flotation after homework, valuable minerals in the ore sorting for one or more types of concentrate product. Tailings slurry discharge. Milled mineral smaller, non-ferrous metals concentrator milled mineral General only reflected; tailings are numerous, yield is generally 80%~90%; or even bigger. If small dressing plant with a daily processing capacity of 100T, daily emissions from tailings of up to 80~90t per cent; high ore grade, essential minerals and large, less the amount of tailings. Large amounts of tailings and if not treated properly, the harm is very great. Ore dressing plant tailings often contain a lot of chemicals and harmful substances in the water. Sources for mineral processing process of flotation reagent of metals in the ore, common cyanide, xanthate, black powder, pine oil, copper, lead, zinc, arsenic, phenol mercury occasionally also might have. Tailing discharge these harmful substances in the water is not up to scale, harmful to humans, animals, fish and farm. Concentrator's tailings are not free to discharge, otherwise it will cause pollution of rivers and river systems and the surrounding soils or groundwater resources, which leads to a series of serious topics, and affect growth. The other hand, the concept is the opposite of the tailings, tailings contain a lot of useful components.

        Under the current technical level, some not of precious metals, rare metals recycling, but with the improvement of science and technology of the tailings of useful components can be reused. Tailings resources get utilization both at home and abroad has has many instance, as Hubei Province copper recorded mountain mine dressing factory tailings in the contains fruitful of gold, and silver, and copper, and iron, useful components, in recent years followed dressing technology of development, 1985 the mine used weak magnetic-strong magnetic selected technology on tailings again selected, annually from tailings in the recycling has tens of thousands of t of iron fine mine, value number for million Yuan, now is further will tailings again mill again selected, makes tailings in the of gold, and silver, and copper, and iron, useful mineral get full recycling using, thus mine economic was progress.

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