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        Indonesia and China signed covering areas such as mining investment memorandum

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        Indonesia and China signed the memorandum of covering areas such as mining investment. Meanwhile, from 170 to150 Chinese and Indonesian entrepreneurs entrepreneurs attended these programs has been signed in variousfields such as logistics, transportation, mining, energy, industry and construction of industrial park, 12 ofthe memorandum of cooperation.

        In the field of logistics, Shen Zhen Tian He Wei hang and zadasa company has signed the memorandum ofinvestment of $ 5.51 million dollars of investment. Other memos are resteel industry Corporation and the Chinarailway construction company; Eka sampoerna Sukses enterprises and Fujian Hai Group (Fujian yinhai group)cooperation in investment of us $ 1.3 million; and Xinyuan maspion Group (Holdings) Limited (focused onstructured finance real trade) to a total investment of $ 100 million for the construction of the smelter.

        Global Fujian Tian Mao and Sukses, cahaya Sukses international cooperation investments of us $ 1.5 million;Indonesia's Wijaya Infrastruktur and Golden mega international cooperation investments of US $ 120 million;integral mining Nusantara Corporation and Jiangsu Wei-Wei mining company amounted to us $ 775 million; SinarSukses Mandiri company and the Zhong JI Hao investment of 306 million u.s. dollars.

        Indonesia's energy and sdic prima company international trade cooperation and investment of US $ 350 million;Kayan hydro energy company and the Shanghai Municipal electric power company investment of $ 17.8 billion; andadaro power and China Shenhua and Maesa optimalah mining company for overseas cooperation and cooperation byvansun holdings.

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