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        Group leaders met with Vice President of the Guangdong Development Bank head office Zong Lexin

        Number of visits: Date:2014-11-21
        The afternoon of November 18, and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Zong Lexin visited Shandong gold group, groupChairman and Party Secretary in Evergreen, General Manager, Chen Yumin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of hospitality.
        Zong Lexin in Evergreen line welcomed the visit, he introduced to the guests the Shandong gold production this year, an in-depth analysis of the current macroeconomic situation and gold enterprises: opportunities andchallenges. He focuses on the next steps to enhance exchanges, expand channels of cooperation, such as banksand enterprises put forward new ideas and opinions and hopes the two sides follow the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, innovation mode of cooperation, deepen communication and broaden areas of cooperation andupgrade the level of cooperation and achieve common development.
        Zong Lexin said Guangdong and Shandong gold group has a long history of cooperation, the two sides have a goodbasis for cooperation, and rich in opportunities for future cooperation and a broad range of areas. Guangdong Development Bank will combine characteristics of Shandong gold industry and future business development goalsand innovative financial business model, and strive to provide quality and efficient services and achievemutual benefit and a win-win situation.
        Guangdong Development Bank Head Office of global trade Minister luojia, Jinan branch President Pang Xinfeng,Deputy Governor Xu Tiemin, participate in activities such as Group Finance Director Jia Yuanxue.

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