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        The courtyard drilling machine in deep well construction record

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            Recently, by engineering companies of Linglong gold deposit East ore-420 m-570 m middle section of rubblechute on the successful breakthrough. The glory-hole diameter of 1.8 meters, depth of 146 metres, as well as26th calendar day 5 days earlier than the scheduled duration, creating engineering company, the courtyarddrilling machine construction in deep well of new records.
            The glory-hole diameter of engineering construction of large, welldeep, difficult, companies for the firsttime organized carefully surveying the site, do a good job preparing the courtyard drilling machine equipmentand spare parts. During the construction process, pay close attention to the onsite production management,from equipment to equipment Assembly, from hole to hole in various aspects have to develop a specialprogramme, project management and technical staff full valet, ready to solve the technical problems. Companyalso requires the project strengthening on-site safety recognition management to prevent accidents.
            The glory-hole project a success, marking the courtyard drilling machine construction engineering company inthe greater well diameter, deep engineering breakthrough, the courtyard drilling machine for the futuredevelopment of the business and accumulated rich experience.

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