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        Shandong Gold Group won the "provincial civilized unit"

        Number of visits: Date:2015-01-26
            A few days ago, Shandong gold group is a solid highlight achievements of spiritual civilization, was granted by the Commission on spiritual civilization construction in Shandong Province "in 2014, provincial civilized unit".
            In recent years, Shandong gold group earnestly practicing the Socialist core value system, always adhere to the construction of spiritual civilization and enterprise development practices combining new breakthroughs and progress in the work of spiritual civilization. First, strengthen organizational leadership and conscientiously create work, promoting clean government, promoting the construction of spiritual civilization in depth. Second is built with the features of Shandong gold culture, enhance the enterprise's moral construction level. Three is to advocate the "Shandong gold, ecological mining" concept, exploring the Green mine construction mode, create a good living environment. Four is to develop good business people, problems arising in handling letters and visits, solid spiritual foundations. Five is the Organization charitable fundraising activities, and create a harmonious business relationship, as "Shandong civilization" and has contributed to the construction of powerful province in economic and cultural.

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