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        Shandong Gold Automation Laboratory completed

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                 Shandong Gold Group - Rockwell Automation experimental platform construction project was completed in May 2014, the lab located in Yantai Design & Research Engineering Co., Ltd..The hardware and software investment total of four hundred million, and set aside the late expansion interfaces and space, the platform used to study the field of automation projects within mining provides software and hardware support, with far-reaching implications for digital mine construction. 
               The automated laboratory building, follow the world leader in the domestic first-class principle concerns the gold industry, in the face the whole mining industry, can provide automation engineering, electrical technology, information technology, process control,industrial networking systems and other mining areas of research and software development conditions for the modernization of Shandong Gold to make the necessary contributions. 
                 Contains the entire laboratory information management systems, centralized control systems, remote monitoring systems, advanced control system, including the various components of the controller, drive systems, security systems, motor protection systems, simulation of all aspects of the mine automation system. 
                 Currently mining industry automation trend is remote monitoring, intelligent control, advanced control and information control integration. In this lab, especially highlighting the above points. 
        Laboratory equipped with the latest Rockwell Automation's VSE that virtual support engineer, which have the following features, real-time connectivity to securely supported by appropriate equipment and access information on important parameters for remote monitoring. Simultaneous real-time alarm and recorded. Meanwhile, the seamless connection to the information system, real-time information dissemination in the world, as long as there is a network of local, whether you adopt your computer or mobile device can get information in real time. For advanced control, the world is doing an effective discussion, which is particularly important for mining automation industry, the use of Rockwell Automation advanced control systems, advanced control studies can be beneficiation mill, make a positive contribution to improving the recovery rate . That information, the use of advanced database systems and data distribution systems, real-time data reports can be generated based on a variety of production and management requirements, you can have permission to access the network at all can intervene in accordance with the requirements of the local offices. 
                 Entire laboratory in the construction process, with industry experts, relevant to the Group insiders have done a positive and effective communication, after the completion of the laboratory, in addition to related research, training will also play an active group of insiders effect.

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