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        Shandong Gold Mining Machine laboratory construction completed

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              Shandong SASAC investment, Shandong Gold Group Yantai Design and Research Engineering Co., Ltd. to design mining machine built laboratory building is completed. The laboratory has two main functions: First, material testing, mainly for mechanical properties testing of materials, with a universal hydraulic testing machine, impact testing machine, sawing and other advanced sample preparation equipment. The lab has a variety of high-end testing equipment, such as: EXAscan precision three-dimensional self-positioning handheld laser measuring instrument, destructive flaw detector, hardness tester, speed, etc.. First, trackless equipment hydraulic transmission test, mainly for research, cloning underground trackless equipment at home and abroad advanced technology, research and development of different types of non-coal mines underground trackless equipment do support; meet a variety of models trackless equipment, machine technical performance parameters , testing of hydraulic components and electrical performance parameters, automation and control system performance parameters of testing and failure analysis to meet the critical components; detection and detection of medium and small repair needs. For all medium and small mines underground trackless equipment repair and fault identification and detection of the Group based on the analysis.

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