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        Deep drilling rig construction engineering company patio breakthrough

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        Recently, the Group's deepest shafts engineering company contracted by the pilot hole through the Island Gold smoothly and create maximum daily footage of 36 meters of good results, marking the patio construction engineering company in the application of horizontal drilling rigs mining technology matures. 
        The engineering design elevation 280 meters, hole diameter 1.4 m, throughout the seven interrupts within the group is by far the deepest mine air shaft using patio rig construction. Under the weight of large equipment, transportation difficulties, borehole depth, complex geological structure to face difficulties, the company quickly organized a careful analysis of technical personnel may face a variety of technical problems, the preparation of a detailed construction plan feasible, combined with recent in shafts, chute experienced construction, the configuration of constructability 2.5 m diameter wells FYZA2.5 / 200 type patio rig, solve the problem of load-bearing equipment and construction depth. During the construction process, the company has equipped according to the construction depth of 140 m, 180 m, 240 m and variable lift pump mud pump, ensure that the anti-slag effect. 
        The construction, the company has accumulated rich experience in construction more rigs, construction technology is becoming more mature, laid a solid foundation for better explore the patio rig market.

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