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        Engineering Company participated in the Ninth China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition

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        September 16, 2014, the Ninth China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition opened at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall), engineering companies were invited to participate.

        China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition is a world famous brand exhibition of mining, after successive innovation and development, the influence continues to rise, received the unanimous support of institutions and enterprises at home and abroad and highly recognized. Adhering to this fine exhibition organizers, and efficient service concept based on the previous success, to create a world-class high-end platform for the mining industry.

        2014 International Mining Exhibition attracts thousands of exhibitors related to the mining industry, including many well-known domestic enterprises, joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises.

        Engineering Companies in publicity company brand to further expand domestic and foreign markets in principle, after careful preparation, today successfully carried out at the China International Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, there are many domestic and international leading experts in mining-related consulting services to the company booth and exchange-related business, pioneering and business development laid the foundation for the company's market, while improving their visibility in the industry.

        The exhibition brings together famous enterprises, guests gathered, was in 2014 the mining industry in the larger one show. Engineering companies in the industry, the market downturn environment, accurately grasp the opportunity to actively participate in the exhibition, the principle of "coming out, the introduction to" mine engineering company will service brand to the country, to the world.

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