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        LM Series Vertical Screw Stirred Mills (a kind of tower mill, JM Mills for short) are self-developed, high efficient grinding equipment with self-owned intellectual property. They are widely used in fine and ultra-fine grinding in mineral processing plant of gold, silver, molybdenum, lead-zinc, manganese, iron, nickel, etc.


          Superior ultra-fine grinding performance: output particle size reaches 1 μm or finer;

          Energy-saving, saving over 50% energy compared with horizontal ball mills;

          Efficiency 10 times higher than horizontal ball mills;

          Desired output particle size adjustable; continuous, batchwise, circulation production are available upon requirement.

          Low operations noises, lower than85 dB, and little vibration.

          Easy operation and maintenance; small floor space; infrastructure costs less than 1% of the equipment cost.

        2.Application field

          JM Mills can integrate leaching with grinding effectively and help to improve the gold fine recovery and lower the cost.

          JM Mills can be used in secondary grinding, fine grinding of sulphur ore and the recovery of tailings. Over 90%-95% of output particle size can reach -400mesh.

          JM Mills can be used in ultra-fine grinding for grained particles, output particle size finer than -10μm.

        3.Technical Data


        Model Motor power(kW) Chamber inner diameter(mm) Capacity(m3) Throughput(t/d)
        Ore-feeding size:-200mesh 60%-80%
        Output size:-400mesh 80%-90%
        Ore-feeding size: <5mm
        Output size:-200mesh 90%
        JM-260 3 260 0.04 3-5 1-3
        JM-500 11 500 0.31 10-20 5-10
        JM-600 18.5 600 0.50 20-30 10-20
        JM-700 18.5-22 700 0.70 30-50 15-30
        JM-800 22-30 800 1.0 50-70 30-50
        JM-1000 45-55 1000 2.0 70-120 50-80
        JM-1200 75-90 1200 3.0 100-200 80-120
        JM-1500 132-160 1500 5.0 200-300 100-150
        JM-1800 180-250 1800 8.0 400-600 200-300
        JM-2000 355-500 2000 12.0 600-900 300-600



          Ultra-fine grinding in the recovery of refractory gold ore (pyrite containing gold).
        The pyrite containing gold is a kind of refractory gold ore, the gold being in microgold, submicrogold, or solid solution. During the ultra-fine grinding and leaching integrated within JM Mills, the scrubbing & attrition force between grinding media and minerals damage the diffusion layer on the fraction surface, and then speed up the chemical reaction and improve the leaching rate.

          JM Mills have been successfully used in Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd (in Fujian province), Zhaoyuan Gold Group Coporation (in Shandong province), China National Gold Group Corporation, Tongling Chaoshan Gold (in Anhui Province), Chenzhou Mining Group Co., Ltd (former Xiangxi Gold Mine in Hunan province). With the ore-feeding size -200 mesh ≥60%, the output size reaches -400mesh ≥95%.

          Regrinding of molybdenum ore, zinc-lead ore, copper ore and iron ore.
        The metallic ores such as ore of gold-silver, molybdenum, copper, nickel, zinc-lead need to be grinded as fine as -400mesh >95% as to be liberated, therefore the mills which are able to perform ultra-fine grinding with scrubbing and attrition force are required. Over 100 sets of JM Mills have been used in Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd, Shizhuyuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, China National Gold Group corporation, located in Luanchuan, Henan province, Lunan, Shanxi province, and Gansu province, etc.

          Ultra-fine grinding of electrolytic manganese metal.
        The JM Mills have been used in wet grinding of electrolytic manganese to produce manganese tetraoxide. Over 20 sets of JM-600 Mills have been used in manganese oxide factory of Kingray New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd. With the ore-feeding size 3mm, the output size reaches -500mesh ≥95%. And 35 sets of the JM Mills have been used in Guizhou Songtao manganese mine, Hunan special metallic material factory, etc.

          Ultra-fine grinding of rare earth minerals.
        JM Mills have been used for ultra-fine grinding of rare earth minerals and monazite in Yiyang Rare Earth, Leshan Primet New Material Co., Ltd, Shanghai Juntai Rare Earth company, Tantalum and Niobium facotory of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd. With the ore-feeding size 80 mesh, the output size reaches -400mesh ≥95%.

          Ultra-fine grinding of Kaolinite and GCC.
        The JM Mills have been used in GCC factory of Sun Paper Group, GCC factory of Yueyang Paper, etc. With the ore-feeding size -325mesh ≥97%; the output size reaches -2 µm ≥60-95%. Over 20 sets of large-scale ultra-fine grinding screw mills have been used in the production line of GCC factory in Hunan and Guangdong province, with annual throughput 20,000 tons to 100,000 tons.

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